Warning! Is Your Host Ripping You Off?

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Warning! Is Your Host Ripping You Off?Maybe you did your research and found a host based on the empirical evidence. Or, maybe you didn’t, went with your gut or just took the first thing which came along. Regardless, the time has come for you to reconsider your hosting situation. The below questions need to be asked today to ensure you have a good web host for your site.

Does your contract change often? In fact, does your contract change yearly? There is no reason for your contract to be changing that frequently, and if it does, you better be reading it! They could be adding hidden fees or other scary sections which put them in control of your site and you in the poor house. This is a huge warning flag.

Does your monthly fee go up and up and up? If your fees are changing yearly, that is a warning flag in and of itself. If they are going up more than once a year, that is a “get a new host now” flag! Unless you are being charged extra for features you only use certain times, such as extra bandwidth, your bill shouldn’t be changing that frequently.

Do you have access to statistics? If not, how can you correctly read your bill when it comes to charges for bandwidth? You can’t! Any company which doesn’t offer you statistics is questionable at best, so find a new host ASAP.

Is your website down a lot? If you find that your site is unreachable more often than once every three months, your host is up to no good. On top of that, what do they offer you as compensation for downtime? If the answer is nothing, there are much better hosts out there. The time is now to move.

How easily can you update your website? If you are able to log in through FTP or a web client, that’s easy. If you can only use their convoluted web client, that’s hard. The easier it is to get your website changed, the less time you have to spend on the process, and time is money.

If there are any limits on the number of people who can view your website, you are not on the right host. While you may have bandwidth limits, after which you pay an overage fee, having a visitor limit is not a good idea. If this is the case, your website may not be visible to people who are trying to visit it. There is nothing more disconcerting than going to a website only to find an error which says “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” or “Visitor Number Exceeded”. The people who see this will not return.

So, what do you know now about your web host? Are they reputable or a rip off? If you do want to find a new company, be sure to do your research before choosing one. There are many articles online which will explain how to figure out the good from the bad, so keep reading and learn all you can.

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