The most important reasons to visit London

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The most important reasons to visit LondonLondon is a beautiful city that you see. It has many attractions , and the trip, using 365 London Gatwick airport transfers is made easy by choosing the most convenient services for you.

You have many reasons to come to London in a holiday with your family. You can see here the spectacular River Thames, a natural wonder that can be admired here whenever you go to London.

For 365 London Gatwick airport transfers always look for the right partner, a company which can deliver the necessary services to any customer that arrives in London. The London Bridge is another important landmark of this English city, being reconstructed several times after it was originally built in the 1000s. The Tower Bridge, an iconic birdge of the city is spectacular and it attracts many tourists every year.

The River Thames was used in time as a transportation means to carry goods across the city. Many palaces and beautiful buldings were constructed along its banks. Among them we can mention many iconic buldings such as Hampton Court, the Greenwich Royal Naval College and the Greenwich observatory. The London Eye is a modern and famous symbol of the city, verlooking the River Thames.

London is also famous for its amazing markets. People come here to buy fashionable clothes or cheap goods. The local products are preferred by Londoners because they are produces by the local farmers around the city. Borough Market is the most famous market in London, a spectacular place where you can find almost everything you want to buy.

Another good place to do your shopping in London is Camden Market. Those that are looking for antiques can go to Portobello Road Market. You can find in London the best food from many cultures. You can taste here the traditions of many countries and you will be introduced to may traditions of the people that live in London.

Many people from China, Hong Kong, India, and other countries came here for a better life, bringing with them the culinary traditions and customs. The history of London come to life when you walk down the streets of this beautiful city. This city has seen it all, as it was the capital of a great empire.

Another important attraction in London is the Big Ben, one of the most iconic landmarks of the city. Its name comes from the bell in the clock tower situated at the end of the Houses of Parliament. The streets of London are full of pleasant surprises for any visitor that comes from another country. They will take you to a path that leads you to the Windsor Castle, a remarkable building.

Tourists can also choose to go on river cruises on the Thames River, this being an extraordinary way of exploring the city and it surroundings. Tourists will have many memories from such a cruise and they will be delighted to admire the city form the River Thames.

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