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New printing equipment versus used one

New printing equipment versus used oneOn the printing market there is always a struggle between the new products and the old ones, talking in this terms also about the printing machines. We can all see by our self that we must rapidly compare the ability of a new MBO equipment for example reported to an old one characteristics that everybody knows.

Fortunately when we speak about the MBO equipment we can all realise that this is as great today as in every other day of our life. These products are made by great names in this area and you can have the guarantee of buying or using something that can make a difference in any circumstances. Continue reading

What good may bring the flexo presses ?

What good may bring the flexo presses?A lot of people may interfere with the printing area, but not all of them can really express their knowleges about it.

Most of them are using some products without knowing a lot about them or not being interested in nothing but seeing their job done correctly and effective. For many of them the principle stays the same, but in reality it is a large difference let’s say between some used flexo presses and some usual printing machines.

The evolution in this area is considerable, and no one can not deny its importance. As a result even the specialised market had updated their offers in order to give you the best used flexo presses, in order for you to make the best decision regarding their acquisition. From the early age of flexography until now, the changes are visible to anyone even if they are specialised in this area, even if they don’t know nothing about it.

Before that though, we must understand what is the flexography phenomenon, and why these products seem to be the best on the market. The flexography means in fact a printing process that uses the power of a cylinder press with which you can engrave the ink over a surface. Now, you must not thing about that as a hard mechanism, but as a mechanical form of printing much faster and much effective.

The cylinder is fabricated from a rough material, usually steel, that is very resistant to oil, ink and some solvents. In some cases this cylinder may be treated with special substances that may protect it from corrosion or any other possible chemical damages.

The cylinder is practically the one that takes contact with the ink. A thin layer of ink will remain on this cylinder after a spatula cleans all the ink in excess. After that, the cylinder is pressed onto a board, and the board make the transfer of the ink on the substrate that need s to be printed.

The transfer of the ink may be done much better that in other cases of printing. That is why the producers of some special materials that need to be printed appeal to this method. The main advantage of this procedure is the fact that the printing process can be done on a large amount of materials, even if they are absorbent or non – absorbent. That comes as a result of the elimination of the ink in excess, using the spatula of the equipment.

The advantages of these products are visible. The products are not cheap, that is correct, but the investment once made is one of the best. The money come back easily, and not after long periods of time, but after a short while. If you decide to visit some websites that can offer these kind of equipments, such as http://usedpresses.org/used-flexo-presses/ you will find that these products are rapidly sold from and to all over the world. So, if you are looking to buy, clearly someone is looking forward to sell. Ask, look, try! That may be your chance!