Learn foreign languages with Android and useful skills

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Learn foreign languages with Android and useful skills  Have you ever thought how many things you can learn using your Android smartphone? I know the games are interesting, but you get rid of boredom, etc. wouldn’t be great to be able to learn something useful too?

Same with the internet in general, we have all the information available at a click away, the largest library of the Internet, and we use that to watch funny videos of cats on Youtube…

Android, like the Internet, can be used to learn foreign languages more easily, or to obtain skills and abilities by installing some applications. And most are free … you have no excuses like you have to pay expensive lessons, that courses are not available in your city, and you’re not forced to learn things you’re not interested in, like in education.

Learn languages with free Android apps: I, for one, at least I tried to learn Mandarin (Chinese), because I like foreign languages ( if you know what I mean :)), and even if I didn’t got far ( gets really hard after you have already learned English, French and Italian ), however, I’ve remained with something from that. I recommend you the following free applications for Android to learn some foreign languages:

•    Duolingo currently only teach you English, it’s a fun app to test.

•    AnkiDroid is simple, has many languages, you learn the pronunciation but is not necessarily good for sentences.
•    Babble may be useful for other foreign languages easier if you already speak English.

You can find other educational applications in the category of Play Store. I personally have used applications with auto testing before taking license in category B, and certainly those tests helped me, so I took the test and route in first time ( well, if I don’t praise myself, then who to? ) , and learned chess from scratch installing the game, which shows you all possible moves when you select a piece, plus that allowed me to study the movements of the phone and

I got to gain a little each time, obviously in the easiest level. But here are other things you can learn from Android:

•    learn to build origami using your phone if you would like this hobby
•    learn how to draw with Android app
•    learn math with your smartphone or tricks to solve operations
•    learn how to give first aid with applications help on Android
•    learn how to cook by downloading Android recipes applications
•    Even ” stupid ” things, exemple, how to make paper airplanes

And the list goes on, I will not give examples of Android applications for each category because would be a long list. It is true however that in some certain cases, applications help you to learn many skills aren’t in Romanian, so I started with language learning applications. If you’re polyglot, then it’ll be much easier for you, you can start looking for training applications, Android guides or Android tutorials that help you learn skills.

And again, no one forces you to learn something, you can install the app you want, when you have time, when you’re in the bus, or you’re too tired of gaming or browsing on Facebook and learn something useful, right ?

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