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Why you should have a mobile optimized website?

Why you should have a mobile optimized website?With the help of the Visual Composer addons you can have an optimzed website on WordpPress, and you should buy now the Vera-Universal Bundle of Visual Composer Addons from LambertGroup. The experts you can find at Lambert Group can also help you to create a responsive website.

Many internet users visit sites nowadays using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These gadgets are preferred because they offer versatility and are easy to use, giving them the opportunity to stay on the internet as much as they want during the day.

You can see everyday people browsing the web on iPhones, Android smartphones and many types of tablets. Continue reading

Learn foreign languages with Android and useful skills

Learn foreign languages with Android and useful skills  Have you ever thought how many things you can learn using your Android smartphone? I know the games are interesting, but you get rid of boredom, etc. wouldn’t be great to be able to learn something useful too?

Same with the internet in general, we have all the information available at a click away, the largest library of the Internet, and we use that to watch funny videos of cats on Youtube…

Android, like the Internet, can be used to learn foreign languages more easily, or to obtain skills and abilities by installing some applications. And most are free … you have no excuses like you have to pay expensive lessons, that courses are not available in your city, and you’re not forced to learn things you’re not interested in, like in education.

Learn languages with free Android apps: I, for one, at least I tried to learn Mandarin (Chinese), because I like foreign languages ( if you know what I mean :)), and even if I didn’t got far ( gets really hard after you have already learned English, French and Italian ), however, I’ve remained with something from that. I recommend you the following free applications for Android to learn some foreign languages:

•    Duolingo currently only teach you English, it’s a fun app to test.

•    AnkiDroid is simple, has many languages, you learn the pronunciation but is not necessarily good for sentences.
•    Babble may be useful for other foreign languages easier if you already speak English.

You can find other educational applications in the category of Play Store. I personally have used applications with auto testing before taking license in category B, and certainly those tests helped me, so I took the test and route in first time ( well, if I don’t praise myself, then who to? ) , and learned chess from scratch installing the game, which shows you all possible moves when you select a piece, plus that allowed me to study the movements of the phone and

I got to gain a little each time, obviously in the easiest level. But here are other things you can learn from Android:

•    learn to build origami using your phone if you would like this hobby
•    learn how to draw with Android app
•    learn math with your smartphone or tricks to solve operations
•    learn how to give first aid with applications help on Android
•    learn how to cook by downloading Android recipes applications
•    Even ” stupid ” things, exemple, how to make paper airplanes

And the list goes on, I will not give examples of Android applications for each category because would be a long list. It is true however that in some certain cases, applications help you to learn many skills aren’t in Romanian, so I started with language learning applications. If you’re polyglot, then it’ll be much easier for you, you can start looking for training applications, Android guides or Android tutorials that help you learn skills.

And again, no one forces you to learn something, you can install the app you want, when you have time, when you’re in the bus, or you’re too tired of gaming or browsing on Facebook and learn something useful, right ?

Functia touch screen – o facilitate inedita a telefonului mobil

Functia touch screen – o facilitate inedita a telefonului mobil
Noile tehnologiile sunt menite sa usureze modul de viata al romanilor. Evolutia telefoanelor mobile a creat un avantaj considerabil pentru intreaga populatie iar dezvoltarea unor aplicatii utile au facut ca aceste aparate sa fie indispensabile.

In ultima perioada, un device eficient adica, un touchscreen telefon a atras toata atentia printr-un mod facil de utilizare, prin faptul ca se adapteaza oricarui stil, dar si pentru ca este usor de manevrat.

Fata de telefoanele convetionale care reprezinta niste mijloace de comunicare care transmit si receptioneaza sunetele, acesta fiind singurul lor obiectiv, telefoanele inteligente au creat o legatura stransa cu cei care il folosesc, datorita functiilor pe care le suporta.

Nou aparute  pe piata romaneasca, telefoanele cu touch screen sunt preferate de toate categoriile de varsta pentru ca se pot accesa usor informatiile stocate dar si cele de pe internet.

Un sistem touch screen este, de fapt, functia pe care o detine un telefon inteligent care se activeaza prin atingerea ecranului. Desi privita cu ochi critici la inceput, noua tehnologie a captat rapid interesul utilizatorilor.

Cu ajutorul miilor de programe care au fost concepute cu scopul de a reduce timpul petrecut in fata unui calculator, utilizatorii pot accesa printr-o simpla atingere a ecranului aplicatii destinate   gastronomiei, antremanentor fizice, pentru calcularea caloriilor sau chiar pentru a cumpara bilete de calatorie.

Un ecran touch screen nu necesita folosirea ambelor maini, putand cu usurinta sa functioneze doar prin atingerea cu un singur deget. Fie ca sistemul permite folosirea unui stilou special sau chiar folosirea manusilor, in cazul unui mediul industrial, acesta ofera o libertate de manevrare diferita fata de cea oferita de telefoanele conventionale.

O caracteristica esentiala a telefoanelor inteligente cu toch screen este si simplitatea. Designul lor se adapteaza oricarei cerinte, putand fi utilizat chiar si in cadrul intalnirilor de afaceri.

Initial, producatorii au creat telefoane cu touchscreen pentru a sprijini utilizatorii din mediul business. Practic, prin eficienta de care au dat dovada, telefoanele au compesat costul mai ridicat, iar ulterior, s-au lansat modele disponibile pentru publicul larg, care au preturi accesibile si sunt usor de folosit.

Desi au nenumarate avantaje, in timp, ecranele touchscreen pot intampina probleme la nivelul ecranului, prin faptul ca se pot fisura, zgaria sau sparge. Pentru a reduce costurile achizitiei un telefon nou, este important de stiut ca ecranul unui telefon impreuna cu touchscreen-ul se pot schimba.

Costul unui ecran este accesibil iar platforma online www.accesoriigsm.ro pune la dispozitie o varietate de modele pentru orice tip de telefon. De asemenea, ofera suport online tuturor celor interesati, dar si celor care se confrunta cu o astfel de dificultate.

Unul dintre cele mai bune aspecte ale acestui telefon inteligent cu touch screen este maniera in care mobiliteaza intreaga activitate umana, implicit stilul de viata, dar si modul in care rationalizeaza nevoia pentru varietate.

Telefoanele mobile cu touch screen ofera o facilitate unica, in termeni de specialitate numita touch focus, care permite camerelor foto integrate alegerea zonei de focus prin atingerea ecranului cu degetul, in locul dorit. Exista telefoane care ofera o alta functie inteligenta, si anume mini touchscreen de navigare care indica diverse actiuni in functie de context (lansarea de aplicatii, controlul camerei foto).

Sistemul touch screen alaturi de celelalte caracteristici au schimbat modul de utilizarea a unui telefon, facandu-l indispensabil.