How To Run A Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

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How To Run A Successful Mobile Marketing CampaignMore and more people are relying on their mobile devices to manage their lives. The things that they used to do on their computers, like reading email, shopping, or researching for information, can now be done on their mobile devices whenever they have cell phone coverage.

To the marketer, this presents a valuable opportunity to reach out to your audience. If you want some advice in running an effective and successful mobile marketing campaign, read over the information in the article below.

Before implementing any type of marketing campaign, you need a clear and organized plan. Think about a theme for your next campaign. Is there a holiday coming up that you can use for the theme?

What about a seasonal campaign? Or maybe there is an upcoming national event that you want to associate with. Give that some thought. Once you have decided on the theme, think about how long your campaign should last. Lastly, write down in detail what kind of promotion you will run around this theme.

If you have permission to send messages to people of your target audience, then you should think about what you will say in your message. Remember that mobile devices have small screens. People only spend a few seconds scanning each message to decide whether or not it is worth reading further.

Therefore, put your most important message in the first lines to capture your audience’s attention. Be concise in your message because no one wants to read a long message on their small devices. Be very clear in explaining what the “call to action” is so your audience will know exactly what to do if they want to take the offer.

When you have customers signing up, make sure that you reward them accordingly. Give them some free information. Offer them a one-time discount. If your customers see that there is a reward in signing up, they will keep their eyes open for future offers.

Be careful not to overdo the number of offers. If you send offers everyday, they will not seem special anymore and customers will take them for granted. It is better to create a sense of urgency by telling customers that the offer is for a limited time only. Scarcity breeds demand, and you may get a higher response rate. If you send out too many offers too frequently, your customers may consider this spamming. This will give your company a bad reputation, so do not do it.

Give your customers an incentive to share information about your business. Touch base with these customers and encourage them to share with their friends and family in social media.

Be mindful to send out messages to mobile devices when people are most likely browsing on them, like during their morning commute if they do not drive. Try different times during the day and compare the response rate for each time.

If you apply these tips to your mobile marketing campaign, you will see improvement in your site traffic. Mobile devices are becoming the norm. Take advantage of more efficient communication, and run a successful campaign.

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