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Add A Boost To Your Business With Facebook Marketing

Add A Boost To Your Business With Facebook MarketingWhether you need something to supplement your current advertising and marketing strategies or you’re just starting out, Facebook marketing could be the answer to your problems. Because it’s such a popular web site, you can have access to a wide and varied audience. Read this article in order to take advantage of this great service!

Set some goals for your Facebook marketing campaign. You can launch your campaign on a trial basis if you are not sure how your audience will react to it. Once you get a better idea of how interested your customers are, you should set some reasonable goals for your campaign.

Contests are a good way to market and get new followers on Facebook. Offer up discounts and prizes in return for having your customers like your Facebook page. Be sure that you come through in awarding your prize, or no one will trust you again. Continue reading

Learn foreign languages with Android and useful skills

Learn foreign languages with Android and useful skills  Have you ever thought how many things you can learn using your Android smartphone? I know the games are interesting, but you get rid of boredom, etc. wouldn’t be great to be able to learn something useful too?

Same with the internet in general, we have all the information available at a click away, the largest library of the Internet, and we use that to watch funny videos of cats on Youtube…

Android, like the Internet, can be used to learn foreign languages more easily, or to obtain skills and abilities by installing some applications. And most are free … you have no excuses like you have to pay expensive lessons, that courses are not available in your city, and you’re not forced to learn things you’re not interested in, like in education.

Learn languages with free Android apps: I, for one, at least I tried to learn Mandarin (Chinese), because I like foreign languages ( if you know what I mean :)), and even if I didn’t got far ( gets really hard after you have already learned English, French and Italian ), however, I’ve remained with something from that. I recommend you the following free applications for Android to learn some foreign languages:

•    Duolingo currently only teach you English, it’s a fun app to test.

•    AnkiDroid is simple, has many languages, you learn the pronunciation but is not necessarily good for sentences.
•    Babble may be useful for other foreign languages easier if you already speak English.

You can find other educational applications in the category of Play Store. I personally have used applications with auto testing before taking license in category B, and certainly those tests helped me, so I took the test and route in first time ( well, if I don’t praise myself, then who to? ) , and learned chess from scratch installing the game, which shows you all possible moves when you select a piece, plus that allowed me to study the movements of the phone and

I got to gain a little each time, obviously in the easiest level. But here are other things you can learn from Android:

•    learn to build origami using your phone if you would like this hobby
•    learn how to draw with Android app
•    learn math with your smartphone or tricks to solve operations
•    learn how to give first aid with applications help on Android
•    learn how to cook by downloading Android recipes applications
•    Even ” stupid ” things, exemple, how to make paper airplanes

And the list goes on, I will not give examples of Android applications for each category because would be a long list. It is true however that in some certain cases, applications help you to learn many skills aren’t in Romanian, so I started with language learning applications. If you’re polyglot, then it’ll be much easier for you, you can start looking for training applications, Android guides or Android tutorials that help you learn skills.

And again, no one forces you to learn something, you can install the app you want, when you have time, when you’re in the bus, or you’re too tired of gaming or browsing on Facebook and learn something useful, right ?

De ce Social Media este noua directie de optimizare SEO?

De ce Social Media este noua directie de optimizare SEO?Anul acesta, in luna ianuarie, Matt Cutts a lansat un video in care explica faptul ca semnalele sociale nu au impact asupra locului pe care il are un site in topul rezultatelor date de Google.

Pentru mult timp, fiecare persoana SEO s-a comportat ca si cum asa a fost.

Am creat situatia in care Social Media semnifica noua directie SEO. Dar este  nevoie sa explicam noul teritoriu social/SEO in care suntem, in special in urma anuntului facut de Cutts.

Deci, ce s-a schimbat la Social Media si SEO?

In cele ce urmeaza, prezentam un scurt istoric al pozitiei pe care a luat-o Google  in conflictul asupra semnalelor sociale.

Pozitia Google-ului in ceea ce priveste Social Media .
In primul rand, in mai 2010, Cutts a afirmat ca algoritmul  nu foloseste semnalele sociale ca fiind factori care afecteaza rezultatele cautarii.
Apoi, in decembrie 2010, Cutts a aratat faptul ca algoritmul foloseste semnalele sociale ca fiind factori care afecteaza rezultatele cautarii. Mai multe indormatii legate de acest aspect gasiti in urmatorul link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofhwPC-5Ub4 .

In cele din urma, in ianuarie 2014, Cutts a informat faptul ca algoritmul nu foloseste semnalele sociale ca fiind factori care afecteaza rezultatelor cautarii. Cele spuse de el le puteti vedea in urmatorul video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udqtSM-6QbQ .

Aceste afirmatii au creat o confuzie in cadrul comunitatii de cautare. Cutts a afirmat faptul ca in ultimii ani, s-a folosit de presupuneri in ceea ce priveste faptul ca semnalele sociale constituiau un algoritm al  factorului de rang.

Masurile facute pareau sa arate din nou importanta acestui  lucuru. Cu cat erau mai multi urmaritorii sociali, cu atat mai mult site-urile apareau  in paginile cu  rezultatele cautarii. Dovezile arata faptul ca asa numitele „semnale sociale” au fost o caracteristica SEO utila.

Acum, ele sunt un factor care nu influenteza rezultatele cautarii?

Daca este asa, acest lucru inseamna ca mii de oamenii care fac SEO si managerii Social Media si-au batut gura degeaba pentru ce nu trebuie.
Acum se pare ca acest lucru nu functioneaza pentru SEO. Semnalele sociale nu au impact asupra strategiilor SEO.

Ce ar trebui sa facem cu privire la acest aspect?
Exista mai multe lucruri pe care trebuie sa le facem in privinta acestui aspect. Vom incepe cu ce nu trebuie sa facem.

Social Media este un aspect ce nu trebuie neglijat.
Ideea acestui articol este aceea ca mediul social este important. El reprezinta o noua directie SEO! Este cea mai importanta modalitate prin care iti poti consuma timpul, eforturile si banii dati pe strategiile de marketing .

Deci, posibil ca aceste semnale pe care le-am indragit asa mult sa nu functioneze. Si ce daca? Mediul social este inca un canal valoros de promovare, distribuire, dinamism, si partajare. Social Media este inca un aspect esential pentru cautare, chiar daca acesta nu s-a  inregistrat ca fiind unul dintre algoritmii Google care influenteaza rezultatele cautarii.

Nu neglija mediul social, ci ramai in top.

Schimba strategia SEO pentru a putea include motoarele de cautare sociala
SEO este aproape sinonim cu optimizarea Google. Trebuie sa intelegem faptul ca optimizarea motoarelor de cautare include si cautarea de pe motoarele de cautare din cadul retelelor sociale.

Google-ul nu este singurul motor de cautare. Mai exista si Bing, Yahoo, Ask si AOL. Dar, cantitatea de informatii cautata pe aceste motoare este minuscula in comparatie cu cea de pe Google.  Google-ul este o sursa dominanta in ceea ce priveste traficul efectuat pe motoarele de cautare.

Motoarele de cautare sociala sunt de asemenea motoare de cautare.
Vizitatorii care gasesc o anumita companie pe platformele sociale cauta, acceseaza si interactioneaza cu respectiva companie intr-un mod foarte real.

Social Media este noua directie SEO, pentru ca retelele sociale, in sine functioneaza ca motoare de cautare puternice si  sunt folosite pe scara larga ca fiind de sine statatoare.

In cele ce urmeaza, vom prezenta cele mai mari motoare de cautare sociale si capacitatea lor de cautare.

Al doilea motor de cautare, ca marime, dupa Google este YouTube. Google a cumparat in 2006 YouTube-ul, dar acesta din urma inca este un site  separat, cu un algoritm de cautare separat. In fiecare secunda din fiecare zi, pe YouTube sunt efectuate 1140 de cautari.

Exista o cantitate enorma de continut ce este indexata pe YouTube. YouTube-ul este considerat un site important, deoarece: in fiecare minut sunt incarcate 100 de ore de material video, 50% din utilizatorii de Internet acceseaza YouTube, in fiecare luna se vizioneaza 6 miliarde de ore de continut video si in fiecare luna sunt 1 miliard de vizitatori unici.

YouTube-ul este si o forta sociala.
YouTube-ul este un site de partajare video. Partajarea este un indicator al mediului social.

Daca nu utilizati YouTube inseamna ca neglijati o sursa valoroasa de trafic de cautare.  Chiar daca traficul nu se termina pe pagina ta de pornire, prezenta sociala continua sa fie imbunatatita.

Acest lucru ar putea provoca un flux de transformari, o notorietate a brand-ului si o crestere sociala, aspecte care sunt in afara sferei conventionale de optimizare SEO pentru Google.

Facebok-ul are un motor de cautare doarte dezvoltat. Scopul sau este diferit de cel folosit de Google, deoarece indexeaza continutul si setarile identitatilor personale si de afaceri.

Persoanele de pe Facebook cauta functii care sa-ti permita sa optimizezi setarile cautarilor pentru a gasi persoanele pe care le cunosti.
Seturile de filtre specifice permit cautarea unui rezultat exact atunci cand il dorim.

Bara de cautare Facebook permite cautari instante pe orice subiect, organizatie, individ sau idee. Acest lucru duce la mii de cautari pe zi, orientate spre modul in care lucreaza companiile si afacerile.

Twitter-ul este de asemenea un motor de cautare. Un motor de cautare mare.
Rapoartele statisticienilor din 1 Ianuarie 2014 au scos la iveala faptul ca in fiecare zi, 2,1 miliarde de cautari au loc pe Twitter. Acest lucru nu ar trebui sa fie surprinzator. Expertii motorului de cautare au urmarit masuratorile de cautare Twitter de cativa ani.

Utilizatorii pot seta daca vor sa vada tot ce se posteaza pe Twitter, sau doar postari din anumite categorii, cum ar fi fotografiile, video-urile sau noutatile. Daca acest lucru nu este suficient, putem folosi o functie de cautare avansata.
In mod evident, cautarea pe Twitter furnizeaza doar rezultatele de pe Twitter.

Google +
Google + este probabil o retea sociala  extrem de importanta pentru noua directie SEO. Google + ofera deja rezultate referitoare la cautarile personalizate privind oamenii, companiile, organizatiile si grupurile care sunt in cercul existent al retelei.

Presupunerile sustin ideea ca Google + va continua sa extinda impactul asupra acestor cautari, dand din ce in ce mai multa crezare faptului ca Social Media este o noua directie SEO.

Google crawls si indexarea unor pagini sociale
Poate numarul de urmaritori nu conteaza pentru algoritm, dar continutul paginii sociale este indexat. Pagina ta sociala este importanta pentru Google.

Este ceea ce a vrut sa spuna Cutts in video prin afrirmatia: „Facebook-ul si Twitter-ul sunt tratate la fel ca oricare alte pagini in indexul nostru web, prin urmare, daca se intampla ceva cu Twitter-ul sau Facebook-ul si putem sa le descarcam, atunci putem sa returnam acele rezultate.”

Acest lucru este oarecum vag. Expresia „daca se intampla ceva” nu inseamna exact ca se intampla ceva.  Si nici nu spunem ce fel de pagini de retele sociale sunt indexate.

Pe baza acestui raspuns, interpretam cuvintele lui Cutts dupa cum urmeaza si credem ca a vrut sa spuna faptul ca doar acceseaza anumite pagini sociale si doar  returneaza anumite rezultate.

Pentru a concluziona studiile am constatat faptul ca Google nu descarca si nu returneaza paginile personale de Facebook, conturile de Twitter si paginile LikedIn ale persoanelor fizice. In cazul Facebook-ului, contul unei persoane apare in rezultatele motoarelor de cautare daca persoana respectiva permite vizualizarea de catre public a unor elemente de pe pagina personala.

Video-ul lui Cutts cu privire la rolul Social Media in strategiile SEO sugereaza faptul ca rezultatele cautarilor viitoare pot oferi o integrare mai buna in ceea ce priveste rezultatele sociale. Este evident faptul ca Internetul este un loc social puternic.

Poate ca dimensiunea puterii sociale este relevanta, dar prezenta sociala este deosebit de relevanta atunci cand vine vorba de cautari.

Nu mai putem vedea algoritmul ca o entitate sterila si lipsita de viata, care poate fi pacalita, inselata si lingusita cu trucurile SEO inteligente. Trebuie sa ne dam chiar acum seama de impactul imens al retelelor de socializare.

Paginile web nu sunt create doar din biti si bytes, ci si din oameni, organizatii, grupuri, cauze, idei si energie umana. Retelele sociale trebuie sa primeasca o atentie mare, sa fie atent administrate, imbunatatite si consolidate si sa ramana conectate la aceasta resursa valoroasa.

How to avoid risks in site selling field?

How to avoid risks in site selling field?If you’re not careful, if you’re less informed you can be fooled, big time, even if you think you made a good deal.

Many people have farm sites. It is a like any other farm. They buy a domain place it on a host, then some content, fake traffic, some backlinks and after 2-3 months is on sale.

As with any other farm, the owner has his very own cow to milk. Meaning  that he knows how  to make you buy something that has a value of -0 at a price, multiplied by 1,000.

The most common niche, for doublecrossing can be found in online movies, +18, recipes, news sites.
If a site has 30,000 visitors per day,it is possible that after you buy it,a few days later, visits to drop to zero,because traffic is fake.

Steps to follow to avoid a potential doublecrossing:

1. When you find a site that interests you look for http://archive.org/web/ to see the  history of the domain / site.

2. Google the name of the domain and site: Seoday.co.uk  to see how it is indexed and references about it.

3. Check  AD (authorithy domain) and PA ( page authority ) and the number of backlinks and where they  are on http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/ site.

4.  If you still find the site interesting please contact the owner.

5 . Ask about statistics and  if they are set to private options, ask to make them public. Satatistics can be altered in many ways. Even if you see in the statistics that traffic is high and  it has referer like Google, Facebook and others, that traffic comes out of these sources do not believe it.
More than likely it is fake. There are countless ways you can hide the real referer and you can put any site.
One method is to check the alexa.com website. If a site with fake traffic of 30,000 visits per day is 20 to 10 million in alexa ranks, then surely it is fake. However,this is not a guaranteed method. And alexa.com rank can be altered / influenced.
Other methods are to make a comparison between the number of visits, bounce rate, time spent on site, depth of visit, the input page and the output page.

If you used at least once a traffic exchange, you can tell if the traffic is fake without having to analyze the above information. At least for me it is enough to watch the traffic, where it comes from and I realize immediately if it is legitimate or fake.

6. Ask for proof  for the site cashing for at least the last three months. To avoid being fooled ask to make a video where the date and time  are shown it is done.  This  way, you know that the evidence is true.
Example. This article was written on 10/04/2014, 5:13 pm.
Now  in most advertising companies cashing is displayed on the site. So do not believe the seller when he says to you he can not show you the receipts. Almost all of them will display in most cases fake or receipts from other websites or accounts that  have nothing to do with the site in question.
Adsense plugrush, exoclick, juicyads provides statistics on income per domain. There are others, but only these were mentioned.

7. The value of a site is calculated according to the following rules, but not necessarily. The average of the cashing in on the past 3-6-9-12 months X 3-6-12 months = sum. The final sum can be influenced if the script is a custom one, the domain is a premium one, etc..

Generally, the amount of revenues is taken into account.  A site costing 10,000 euros to do means nothing, if it does not produce anything.

8. Look for information about the seller on the internet. Somewhere there must be some information and if he has doublecrossed someone you will definetly find  it.
You can search by name, nick, email, YM id, phone, etc..

9. If all turns out well then you can negotiate per any cent as much as you can.
That’s basically it.


Written above does not guarantee that you will not get fooled when you buy a site.  It’s up to you what you do with this information.
If you want to buy a site and you are not sure if it is legitimate, you can post the domain names below and I’ll take a look.