Easy Shortcuts for Higher Search Engine Placement

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Easy Shortcuts for Higher Search Engine Placement

Easy Shortcuts for Higher Search Engine Placement

If you discover that the keywords you’re lusting for are too competitive then no worries, we have a backup plan in this section.  Occasionally you’ll do a keyword session that produce duds which is fine.

My motto is its best to mess-up early opposed to messing up later. I’m going back to generate better less competitive keywords as I currently experienced the dreaded red-light for the majority of the keywords I originally selected.

I feel that by taking this route I’ll be able to generate more specific less-competitive keywords to target. Depending on what keyword you’re targeting you may need to use a different facet of the keywords.

For example, if you’re targeting a golf keyword then you may want to apply the where principle. For example, where are the best places to play golf or where are the best places to pick up golf equipment.

Just take some time to think about it and then plug in some keywords into Keyword Planner. If it’s still too much competition then keep repeating this cycle until you find optimal keywords. Don’t take the shortcut and skip this process, and please don’t take the route of trying to just target competitive keywords because that’ll cause you to sacrifice an extreme amount of time and money.

I personally feel that a computer program can’t duplicate this keyword research process the way a human brain can, no matter how sophisticated the algorithm is. I’m going to apply the what principle to my main keyword online business to make my query more specific as this is the premise behind long tail keywords.

With a long tail keyword you want to catch the searcher in the closing phase not the researching phase. A good example of when a user is in the closing phase is when they’re about to purchase something. So, after I refined my search I decided to apply the principle  and ask:

What are some types of online businesses?

I feel that this is much more specific then the terms I have discovered previously. After brainstorming for a good five minutes I decided that some solid online business models are:

  • Selling ebooks
  • Creating an online dating site
  • Building online communities
  • Building a social networking site
  • Creating plr content
  • Creating a classified ads site

After extracting the keywords from the previous bullets I developed a sample keyword list displayed below:

  • Ebooks
  • Online dating site
  • Online communities
  • Social networking site
  • Plr content
  • Classified ads

The next step of the process is to plug the keywords into Keyword Planner so that I can generate some possible long tail keywords. I clicked the “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas” in Keyword Planner and plugged in the term eBook in the form as indicated.

Use this option when you want to expand a broad keyword to get more keyword ideas. It’ll also group the words into groups and provide traffic estimates.

You can sort through the keyword groups and select the ones that are most appropriate to the theme of your site.

In my case I have a course that teaches individuals how to sell eBooks so here are the keywords I selected below:

Ebook writing:

  1. how to write an ebook
  2. how to write an ebook fast
  3. how to write an ebook and sell it
  4. how to write an ebook for free
  5. how to write your own ebook
  6. how to write ebooks that sell
  7. writing ebooks for profit
  8. writing a successful ebook
  9. outsource ebook writing

Ebook publishing:

  1. how to self publish ebook
  2. how to publish a book for free
  3. publish your ebook
  4. free ebook publishing
  5. electronic publishing
  6. how to publish a book online

Ebook design:

  1. Ebook websites
  2. Ebook cover maker
  3. Ebook cover templates
  4. Ebook cover generator

Ebook Marketing:

  1. how to market an ebook
  2. ebook marketing strategies
  3. ebook marketing tips
  4. free marketing ebooks
  5. sell digital products online
  6. sell digital downloads online
  7. social media marketing ebook
  8. ebook content marketing
  9. how to market an ebook online
  10. marketing information products

These terms have a lot to do with ebook marketing. When compiling keyword lists it’s important to find several groups of related keywords as most web visitors will not be interested in just one topic.

They most likely want to read several topics that correlate to your main keyword which is great because the more they read the more the chances of you receiving a quality link increases.

I feel that getting ranking for these keywords are a lot easier than getting rankings for the previous keywords I were interested in targeting.

Keyword research gets easier with experience. The more keyword research you do the more patterns you’ll see in the process that’ll make successive attempts easier.

I know there are many webmasters that say you have to use expensive software to find hidden keywords but don’t believe the hype. I have never used paid keyword tools and have used my manual keyword research methods to rack up I excess of six figures online. I obviously knew how to pick the right keywords because if I didn’t I would have never generated that amount of cash.

How to Seo Your Site like a Top Seo Company

Once you have your keyword lists compiled the next step of the puzzle is to develop titles for your articles that’ll generate clicks. The main purpose of seo is to generate traffic to your site, if you have top rankings but poor keyword selections then traffic won’t come.

In addition, if you have top rankings but poor article titles then you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Here are the simple steps I use to develop titles that are guaranteed to attract eyeballs and clicks to my articles. Here are a couple of steps you can take to ensure that your articles get links, shares, downloads, etc.

Use a Descriptive Title. Don’t get cute and copy the headlines that journalists on popular news sites like Yahoo news are using. An ambiguous title may work for big news outlets but you are not those big news outlets.

In the beginning your readership will most likely be tiny which means very few visitors will bother to read your non-descriptive title simply because they don’t know who you are.

I think it’s safe to say that the average web user’s attention span is incredibly short. The reason for this is numerous but one theory is that there are simply too many distractions online.
There are tons of articles, photos, and videos plus numerous of ways to share all this such as Facebook and Twitter.

The fact of the matter is there are an infinite amount of things to do online which will make it incredibly difficult to finish reading a piece of content. Therefore, to combat this you can simply put your best stuff at the very beginning which in this case is the title.

Use Your Targeted Keywords in the Title: Researchers, web users, and everyone in between use keywords as their fundamental basis for a search. If your title doesn’t have your targeted keywords then most likely it faces little chance of getting read by your intended users. Good keyword research has several methods of application.

(i) Must find the right keywords to target. Picking highly competitive keywords means it gets buried within the competing pages of similar content, and picking keywords that no one cares about means that you won’t make any money online.

(ii) Turn your optimal keywords into pages for your site and interlink those pages together so that users will stay on your site longer which could lead to conversions. In addition to staying on your site longer this could also naturally increase the amount of page views your site receives which always look nice to advertisers.

(iii) Create specific titles that’ll attract eyeballs and will also match what your targeted audience is looking for. Remember, don’t try and get too creative and create wordy or ambiguous titles as this’ll most likely decrease the percentage of users who actually read your article which is not what you want. If you have difficulties with forming quality titles then my advice is to pull out your list of swipe copy.

A good tool for any marketer is to have a swipe file of headlines that you can refer to. Having one is like having a Swiss army knife for article creating purposes.

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