How search engines work

How search engines work

Optimizing sites without knowing how search engines work is like signing up for a marathon without the necessary training. Of course, there are many who register only for the sake of participation and even manage to finish the race, but few end up on the podium.

Therefore, in order to get your website to rank higher, you need to know how search engines work. Continue reading

Forget the keyboard! Voice and visual searches, the new SEO trend in 2021

Forget the keyboard! Voice and visual searches, the new SEO trend in 2021!

If you do SEO to sell your company’s products and services (and you have no reason not to!), you’ve certainly asked yourself, and not once, the following questions: “Why does SEO change so often?” “Do I really need SEO to sell?” or “Why is it an endless process?”

The answer to most of these questions is the same: the evolution of technology! With all the new opportunities that are offered to them, user behavior changes, and the businesses have to adapt as well. Continue reading

Simple Internet Marketing Tips For Your Business

Simple Internet Marketing Tips For Your BusinessIf you have a business site, people have to find you right? There is no point in building a site unless people come to your site. How are they going to do that? With internet marketing.

Internet marketing can be a great way for you to really get the hang of things online, so that you can make a success of your business by harnnessing the Internet. Here are some tips to help you raise sales with marketing.

Make sure you’ve got the right keywords. This is essential. When you have a business, you know that people will be looking for the products or services you provide, so you have got to do a good job of making sure they can find you. The simplest way is to use keywords. Continue reading

How To Launch A Quality Website

How To Launch A Quality WebsiteLaunching a good website is a lot of work. You should start by selecting a reliable web hosting service. Read this article if you are not sure how you can get started with web hosting.

Start by assessing your needs and a budget for web hosting. Launching an online business can be expensive but you should not save money by choosing a low quality web hosting service. If necessary, choose a free or very affordable service and upgrade it as soon as you can. You need to figure out how much space you need for your website. Continue reading

How to set up WordFence security plugin on your Wordpress site

How to set up WordFence security plugin on your WordPress site

In your WordPress dashboard go to Plugins > Add new. Search for Wordfence then install and activate it. Go to Wordfence > All Options. Scroll to Import/Export Options at the bottom and click the button.

Next copy and paste the following saved Wordfence configuration options as recommended by security specialists. Copy & Paste this configuration token and click Import Wordfence Options: Continue reading